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Hey friends. I need to talk about blessings. I need to talk about these last couple months, and I need to talk business. But first, blessings.

In my last post, I raved about babies babies babies on the horizon! Y’all, they came, and they’re still coming! If I have learned anything in these last few months from the new mamas walking through my new door it’s that God is so very good, and I have been so blessed to be the one to meet these precious little people with a camera and a smile! Things have been a little nuts behind the scenes, but the steady flow of sweet little faces has proven that the good stuff doesn’t stop when the going gets tough, we just have to open our eyes and see it. BLESSINGS.

In the middle of that big time baby boom I stepped out for a few weeks for a minor back surgery. I spent 6 weeks unable to lift my OWN baby (kinda awful), but the end result was incredible relief and I can check that off my to-done list! I’m feeling great again! BLESSINGS.

That brings me to the latest. If you read The Courier-Times on Saturday, you know that the county has made a move to consider a new location for the long-awaited Person County Senior Center – 87 Semora Road. In case you missed it, that’s the same 87 Semora Road I mentioned here when I announced just a few months ago that we are so happy and so home in our new studio space. That post was nothing but the truth. I have loved this spot and loved our neighbors and I STILL DO. At this point, the only thing we know is that we don’t know what’s next. While nothing has been made official, there is a possibility that we will have to move – soon – and if we do, you will hear more from me. As a business owner, I am confident that we will have NO issue carrying out business as usual (regardless of where we are), and I will do everything in my power to make sure that my rock star customers are fully cared for throughout this transition. As a Person County resident, I want the absolute best for this community, and if my address is the best place for the Senior Center, I have no issue with stepping out. Why? BLESSINGS.

Based on years of experience I can tell you that the work we do at Sandfoot Photography does not depend on an address – it depends on blessings, both yours and mine, and y’all, we’ve still got ’em coming. 2016 has been a wild one for sure. Our day-to-day may be a little uncertain at the moment, but I am good with waiting for God to show us all what’s next, because we know already that it’s most certainly not up to us. Hang tight! We have something new to look forward to!

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It happens every year in Roxboro. Babies around here tend to come in bursts, like God’s guarantee that our sweet corner of the world will be refilled with home grown folks, one group of special little ones at a time. I’ve photographed more maternity sessions this summer than any season before, and as these miracles are making their debuts one by one, I’m just over the moon to get to be part of the welcome committee!

While every single session has been so unique and special, there are three newbies still on the way that I seriously can’t wait to meet. These babies will be here any time now, and for me, the lucky girl behind the camera at each of their parents’ weddings, the suspense is like waiting to read the next chapter in your favorite book.


You know when that first kid is so cool that you’re terrified you won’t possibly be able to love the second one as much? (Tell the truth mamas! I was right there with you 16 months ago.) Lucky for us all, something explosive happens to your heart the instant that new baby arrives, and big brothers like this one make it twice as much fun to watch. I CANNOT WAIT to see this girly addition to the Allen Family Tree. Lesley and Mark are just plain awesome and I love them to pieces, and big brother Griffin is going to rock the socks off of his new gig when sweet Zadie gets here.


Ahhhhhh Baby Raylan! This little man already has it made. He just might have one of the sweetest mamas on earth, and his daddy made it clear at their down home session that he’s already 100% wrapped. The last time I visited the Poole farm was for this lovely girl’s bridal session. The house wasn’t quite ready, the wedding was a few weeks off, and now…turn the page…here comes a baby boy!


With every good storm comes a rainbow, and had we meant to do this session this way I’m sure it never would have happened. It rained y’all, like really REALLY rained on our sunset session, but it could not have been more perfect. LeAnne and Lee are no strangers to the wild ride (see: Daddy’s a rockstar on the racetrack and Mama’s a Beast Mode Beauty), and it’s absolutely amazing to see their sweet story continue with their first baby girl on the way (well, second…Macie girl came first).


Congratulations to all of our new parents and parents-to-be! All this waiting is killing me, but in the meantime I’ll be praying for safe deliveries, happy homes, and the greatest chapter your story has ever had.

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  • Gail Manning - Those photps are absolutely wonderful and I enjoyed reading about each family. Wonderful job,as usual.ReplyCancel

  • Gail Manning - Those photos are absolutely wonderful and I enjoyed reading about each family. Wonderful job,as usual.ReplyCancel