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You’ve been dreaming about this moment. The name is set, the nursery is ready, and you have everything you could ever need…almost. Your baby is on the way. You know without a doubt that this sweet little life is about to change yours forever. Quick Mama, catch this precious time.

At Sandfoot Photography we know how quickly that first year comes and goes. Those cheeks won’t stay round forever, and those┬áchunky legs might not last. From the moment your little love arrives to the day you celebrate that first birthday, your baby will grow and change in the blink of an eye. Let us be there to help you remember that sleepy newborn, the silly 6 month-old, and the birthday baby that’s bursting with personality. Our Baby’s First Year Plan won’t let you miss a beat, and even after your little one isn’t so little, you’ll have those favorite fleeting moments forever.