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About Allison

Hey you! Thanks for visiting! You’ve officially found it – my third favorite thing on earth next to faith and family (okay, fourth if you count chocolate) is right here in my happy place, watching people love one another through the lens. WELCOME. I hope something here leaves you all warm and fuzzy!

While I’d rather be behind the camera than in the spotlight, I’ve come to realize that to get the Sandfoot is to get me, so here’s what I think you should know:

  1. I’m a walking pile of mush. I come from a perfectly chaotic, overly-loving Southern family. I’m a born and bred people person, and I often can’t tell the difference between my clients and friends – you’ve been warned. I LOVE love of all kinds, and my #1 most favorite thing to photograph is anything that makes me FEEL.
  2. Some of my BFFs are kids. It’s strange but true. There’s no hilarity or purity like the personality of a 3 year old, and I’d like to think that if given the chance, I have a knack for making little people think that I’m one of them (or maybe that’s just where my comedic-level peaks).
  3. I’m a workaholic dedicated. My path to a career as a portrait artist began in 2004 (full-time in 2007). I firmly believe it’s one of my greatest blessings, and I don’t take the opportunity to do what I love for a living lightly. I’m a perfectionist, a little bit of a control freak, and a chronic people-pleaser. I believe in quality and expertise in this business, and I work very hard to ensure that’s exactly the experience my customers get.
  4. I’d rather be at the beach. Not really. I wouldn’t trade Roxboro or the man who brought me here for anything in the world. I adore this community and am so blessed to be a part of it. Still, my roots and my feet are at home in the OBX, and that, folks, is where you get your Sandfoot.

My work life is a great life, but real life is my favorite. God gave me a really cool husband and two beautiful daughters. I’m on a mission to live it up and show them what girls are made of. Again, welcome to my happy place. May you find yours right where you are!